Interesting article on the “Resilient Community” movement which is a trend towards shifting communities from being totally dependent on outside resources and towards becoming more self sufficient.

One of the weaknesses and great vulnerabilities of modern society and the one which makes disasters like an EMP so potentially catastrophic is that most parts of modern society upon which we rely come from sources well beyond our control.

Electricity comes form distant plants supplied with fuels form even more distant sources. Food comes from distant warehouses in turn supplied by farms around the world.

Any interruption of the infrastructure in the world leaves most communities powerless to adapt to changes.

At one time food, water and most necessities of life came form local sources which were under the control of local communities or were at least subject to influence by the community. Water came from local rivers,lakes or wells. Food came form local farms and ranches.

As communities have become increasingly aware of how vulnerable they are some are working to reverse that trend.

It’s a good thing to see.

The Librarian

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