New Day

For 8 years people like me and most other Conservatives have been preached at repeatedly that “We won.” and that it’s unfair, un-American, un-Patriotic, and offensive to complain.

We’ve been branded Racists for disagreeing with President Obama’s radical policies.

We’ve had accusations of Sexism screamed at us for opposing and campaigning against corrupt politicians like Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi.

We’ve been labelled Islamaphobes for expressing event he slightest concern about unlimited Islamic Immigration.

We’ve been categorized as Racists for pointing out that open borders and unlimited immigration is perhaps a problem that should be address.

We’re called homophobes because as Christians we refuse to celebrate gay marriage.

We’re called ignorant because we refuse to accept the Gospel of Manmade Global Warming.

We’ve been lectured repeatedly for 8 years that we are not ALLOWED to say anything which might offend someone. By which is meant anything other than complete obeisance to the Liberal agenda.

Our young daughters have been told that they have to share the bathroom with men who want to wear a dress.

Our children sent to Universities to learn have been told that they are only allowed to hear one side of every issue and that all opposing views (i.e. Conservative/Christian/Traditional) are not only not to be presented but to be banned and actively suppressed by students, faculty and the administration.

We have had Political Correctness crammed down our throats for years and now that we have rebelled and tossed out the people trying to impose Group Think on us we’re still being told we are not ALLOWED to say things which might offend anyone who disagrees with us.

The people in power the last 8 years have had no hesitation about preaching their policies, beliefs and ideas in the media, the schools, entertainment, government pronouncements and in Social Media.

Well we’re not listening anymore.

As my son used to say when he was young “Too bad. So sad.”

The day of Political Correctness is over. If my words offend you then do what we have been forced to do for the last 8 years.

Don’t listen.

But don’t dare come to me and tell me I’m not allowed to say what I believe because it offends you. You’ve been offending me and many others for a long time now and we’re not going to play by your rules anymore.

The Librarian

p.s. The new Math Category will be posted later today.


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